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Wellness Retreats

Are You Ready to Transform?

Whether you’re striving for enhanced vitality, seeking spiritual alignment, or aiming to break free from limitations, our approach is designed to guide you toward the life you envision.Learn More

What To Expect

With modalities such as applied kinesiology, SCIO biofeedback machine, ozone therapy, and more, you’ll be immersed in a world of ultimate vibration therapy that nurtures every facet of your being.Learn More

Five Pillars

Welcome to Harmony Mountain Retreat, where profound transformation and holistic well-being await you. Our unique approach, grounded in the Five Pillars of Transformation, redefines wellness by addressing every aspect of your being. Discover how these pillars are the core principles to achieving ultimate health and happiness in your life.Learn More


Activity Schedule (Tentative) – This is what your retreat could look like.Learn More


Our overnight accommodations are priced based on the duration of the retreat. Select your desired overnight accommodations as single or double occupancy. Rooms are first come, first served and fill up quickly. A deposit and signed contractual agreement is required to make a reservation.Learn More

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Common Retreat FAQs
Common Retreat FAQs