Transform Your Life

Our retreats are designed to offer comprehensive, individualized plans for wellness and restoration from a world reknown practitioner who studied with Deepak Chopra and Thith Nhat Hahn. As part of your retreat experience, you will have a private session with Dr. Amato who will provide a  thorough and individualized approach to your health & happiness. We address your needs at the cellular and emotional level.

Your Experience

Our retreats are designed to put you on a transformative healing journey unlike anything else you have experienced.  Our exclusive energy medicine modalities and wellness technologies are based on major advancements in holistic healing that you may have never dreamed possible. Ultimate vibration therapy for mind, body, spirit and environment is achieved through modalities such as applied kinesiology, SCIO biofeedback machine, ozone therapy and more.

Dates for our 2023 retreats include:

June 23-25

July 21-23

Harmony Mountain Estate and Retreat Center

Experience true bliss and find inner peace high atop Harmony Mountain in the artistically designed 17,000 square foot estate on 100 acres in northeast Pennsylvania.  Distanced from busy metropolitan areas, experience for yourself the mountain’s high energy meridian fields.  Walk among the clouds and swim in the awe inspiring infinity pool!

Dr. Peter Amato

Dr. Peter Amato’s unique holistic approach to healing and wellness is  multi-faceted, and encompasses diet-nutrition-lifestyle, nutraceuticals, and mind-body medicine.  He will help you to get to the root cause of any pain or unwellness that you might be feeling.  He then will show you the way to restore your health and vibrancy in a way that is sustainable going forward.  

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