The Right Candidates​

Our clients include successful entrepreneurs, business people, celebrities, pro athletes, yogis, families, friends and/or individuals that want to promote wellness, meaning, and substance in their lives. Our clients know there is more to life and they come to us to find a clear path to success.

We Offer:

  • Personal growth and spiritual awakening retreats for individuals & groups.
  • Individual & Group Retreat pricing discounts
  • Corporate productivity transformation retreats –  Do you want your employees to achieve maximum productivity and have the optimal life/work balance
  • Husband, wife and family retreats

Strengthen and improve the relationships you have with family, co-workers, friends and most importantly, yourself.

Our health is our greatest wealth!

Why our success rate is so high

As part of our process we talk with each candidate which is why our reputation is what it is. An individual or group must be committed towards achieving their desired outcome for optimal results. We look forward to exploring the possibilities with those who would like to consider following a path to transforming their lives and finally obtaining the outcome they desire.

Are you ready yet to achieve the health and happiness you never thought was possible? Most people define their lives in the past rather than cherishing the present moment. Now is all we have and if we want to become the person we want to be it’s imperative that we focus on the present. Our actions lead to the manifestation of our destiny. Dr Amato’s proven track record will assist you with the ability to manifest and live life with passion.

Do you want to wake up every day with true joy, totally aligned & integrated with your life’s purpose? If you do then you have come to the right place. We are non judgemental. 

The best Investment we can make is how we think. Thoughts become things and things are the result of our thoughts. In society we are taught about the status quo; go to school, graduate, get a job, get married, have kids, save for retirement and retire. What most have a hard time with is what happens in between.

Why is the harmony Mountain institute right for you? Our holistic approach covers nutritional & mind-body-spirit restoration to equip you with tools to overcome life’s many stresses. Imagine a life without chronic conditions, addictive behavior, negative thinking or other toxicities that prevent you from having the life of your dreams.

The life you might have never thought possible is waiting for you. You just have to take the first step…

Gift to family or friends

Give the gift of enlightenment to your friends and loved ones. Normally we think of gifts as material, well how about giving the gift of transformation? Imagine, if you are partly responsible for someone you love that was just “stuck” going through the motions and not living up to their potential?  Do you know anyone like that? Have you ever seen a person transform right before your eyes? How great would it be if out of the goodness of your heart your gift transformed that person into living a life that is fulfilled with meaning? Unlock your full potential and turn the key to transforming yourself. 

The best gift we can give our children is to think properly. Every action starts with a thought so therefore the better our thoughts the better our actions. The better our actions the better the results from those actions. With the proper training you will walk away empowered with the ability to better control your thoughts which always leads to better results. Imagine, having more control of your outcomes. All those things you wanted to change, with the right thoughts become much more achievable. 

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