We treat and stabilize hormone balance with clinically proven Organ-Gland targeted nutraceuticals and no animal glandulars.


Maintaining Optimum Levels Of Hormones Promotes An Improved Quality Of Life And Prevents Many Of The Degenerative Illnesses Commonly Associated With Aging

To Alleviate Symptoms, We Want To Help Re-Establish Your Body’s Natural Hormonal Balance

The hormone balance of the body is a complex, interactive symphony of different regulating compounds. These hormones are internal messengers which are necessary to control and regulate the body’s processes. Since chronic illness typically leads to hormonal exhaustion, the next step of the Inner Harmony Approach is to identify and support the glands which need more support to produce a sufficient amount of their hormones.

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Women may experience symptoms such as:
•        Hot flashes
•        Irritability
•        Low libido
•        Fatigue
•        Memory impairment
•        Weight gain
•        Headache
•        Depression / Moodiness
•        Hair Loss
•        Vaginal Dryness
•        Osteoporosis
•        Insomnia

Men will experience symptoms such as:
•        Weakness
•        Fatigue
•        Reduced Libido
•        Osteoporosis
•        Depressed Mood
•        Loss of Energy
•        Erectile Dysfunction
•        Aches and Pains

Pituitary/Hypothalamic Support
If the pituitary is weak or toxic, there may be runaway, allergic-type reactions or other extreme reactions. 

Progesterone Support
Since progesterone is a key hormone which the body uses in detoxification, the body’s progesterone levels are often depleted in chronic illness. To restore progesterone, the use of a natural progesterone cream such as Quantum Natural Progesterone Cream can quickly rebuild the progesterone levels to promote cellular detoxification as well as re-establish a healthy estrogen-progesterone balance provided that there is good adrenal function. 

Testosterone Support
As the body ages, testosterone levels typically decline in both men and women. Studies show that testosterone may be the single most important hormone that aging men need to maintain strength, vitality and sense of well being. Natural testosterone support may be a key player in hormone balance for both men and women. 

Adrenal/Pituitary Support
The most common hormonal imbalance is adrenal dysfunction. Adrenal stress is epidemic in America. The adrenals play 3 key roles: 1) balancing fluids, 2) settling inflammation in the body when needed and 3) providing sufficient energy to get through each day. 

Estrogen Support
Quantum Estro Complex serves as a natural estrogen source. It is a phytonutrient formula featuring natural SERMs (selective estrogen receptor modulators) such as fermented isoflavones from nontoxic soy (not common, toxic unfermented isoflavone concentrates which are not recommended), red clover extract and DIM (diindolylmethane) which act as a natural-source estrogens, especially helpful during and after menopause. 

Thyroid Support
Low thyroid hormone levels (hypothyroidism) are commonly the result of stress, heavy metal exposure/ toxicity, inadequate dietary nutrients, low iodine intake, low progesterone levels as well as many other factors.