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We value our participant’s experience at Harmony Mountain Institute
Below are some participant testimonials we wanted to share.
During My Time At The Retreat, I Was Immersed In In-Depth Nutrition Discussions That Provided Valuable Insights

“I recently had the privilege of attending the Harmony Mountain Retreat, and I must say, it was an experience that exceeded my expectations. I came across Harmony Mountain Retreat online while searching for a health retreat, and I’m so grateful I did.

During my time at the retreat, I was immersed in in-depth nutrition discussions that provided valuable insights. The integral health testing they offered was innovative and eye-opening, revealing a new perspective on the connection between the body and mind. The accommodations were both beautiful and peaceful, creating an ideal environment for relaxation and learning.

The yoga and meditation sessions were rejuvenating, and the overall atmosphere was one of genuine serenity. What truly stood out for me was the personalized attention I received. From precise diet recommendations to practical lifestyle improvements, the knowledge shared by Dr. Peter Amato and his team were invaluable. They even provided personalized supplements, tailored to my needs.

The most memorable and transformative part of the retreat for me was the use of innovative and precise testing equipment. This allowed for a holistic understanding of my health, paving the way for positive changes.

Without a doubt, I would wholeheartedly recommend Harmony Mountain Retreat to others. It’s a haven for anyone looking to embrace holistic medicine. Dr. Peter Amato and his team possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this field, making the retreat a truly enlightening experience.

Thank you, Harmony Mountain Retreat, for equipping me with powerful tools for my well-being journey.”

Kira F, New York
This Retreat Was Such A Unique Experience And Way More Profound Than Expected

“This retreat was such a unique experience and way more profound than expected. The property is absolutely beautiful and tranquil, I felt the stress melt away. Swimming in the saltwater pool overlooking the views was incredible, and having access to the saunas and jacuzzis was so exciting considering it’s not everyday I can enjoy those luxuries. Sleeping overnight was the best sleep I’ve ever had, seriously my bed was so comfortable! I nearly lived in the complimentary white robes and slippers – Everything is super upscale and customized, it made me feel a bit pampered. Self-care is no joke at Harmony Mountain Institute! So often throughout the retreat the staff would offer/bring me a glass of their ultra purified water (they purify on-site). A great take-away for me was that I’ve incorporated micro-greens and green juice in my diet everyday after becoming inspired to eat this way, and find myself reciting my personal PSM mantra when I am in a mindful or meditative state. The Institute and head chef shared healthy cooking and eating tips that I will apply the rest of my life. Overall this experience has enriched my life and totally worth the expense!”

Jessie G, London
Harmony Mountain Institute Gave Me Everything My Mind And Body Needed, Plus So Much More

“Harmony Mountain Institute gave me everything my mind and body needed, plus so much more. I am so grateful for Dr. Peter Amato, and his wonderfully trained and well-balanced team for all that they did for me. The gorgeous estate is perfectly set in the beautiful mountains of Pennsylvania and gave me so much peace and tranquility while I disconnected from the rest of the world. I absolutely loved the morning mind-body-soul connection yoga, the one-on-one health and nutrition time with Dr. Peter Amato, the healthy nourishing meals handcrafted by the in-house Chef, and my ninety minute massage in paradise. I will never forget this incredible experience and I look forward to doing this every so often to maintain my mind-body-soul balance.”

Jennifer, New Jersey
Dr. Amato’s Teachings And Approaches Are Profound, Unique, And Deeply Transformative

“My experience at the Harmony Mountain retreat was absolutely beautiful and powerful, words can not express the experience and feelings while being at the Harmony Mountain retreat with its breath taking views and it’s profoundly peaceful location…. Dr. Amato’s teachings and approaches are profound, unique, and deeply transformative…. I recommend this retreat to just about everyone…. I’m looking forward to my next visit!”

B, New York
Harmony Mountain Institute Has Saved My Life!

“Harmony Mountain Institute has saved my life! The staff are super knowledgeable and wise and dedicated to healing their patients mind, body and soul. I couldn’t be more satisfied. What a Godsend in my healing journey!”

Daniel S, Pennsylvania
This Was A Wonderful, Life Changing Experience!

“This was a wonderful, life changing experience!! It was very educational, relaxing and enlightening! My life is now on a new healthful trajectory and I can’t wait to go back!”

Barbara H, New Jersey
Beautiful And Tranquil Surroundings

“Beautiful and tranquil surroundings… Enjoyed a very thought provoking and educational focus on self love, self care, and a holistic healthy lifestyle that encompasses mind, body and soul. Life changing!”

Patty A, Liverpool
Harmony Mountain Institute Retreats Offer So Many Interesting And Fun Activities!

“Harmony Mountain Institute retreats offer so many interesting and fun activities! From healthy eating to meditation, yoga, spas, self care room, SCIO Biofeedback, to outdoor labyrinth, fire ring with drum circle and more….all in the most breathtaking mountaintop facility! A true mind /body / soul experience right in Northeast PA”

Lisa H, Boston
You Know You Were Called To This Place For A Reason

“The most amazing peaceful serenity comes over you the minute you enter the gate to the holy land! So amazing to take some time to advance your healthful journey to lasting wellness and inner bliss! You know you were called to this place for a reason.”

Valerie V, New York
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