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Reveal Your Inner Harmony at Harmony Mountain The Ultimate Zen Retreat for Transformative Wellness
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Rediscover Your Inner Balance Discover Zen Bliss

At Harmony Mountain Institute, we offer the Inner Harmony Wellness Retreat Program, a life-changing weekend experience for individuals and small groups on a spiritual journey to reclaim their well-being.

Our venue and practitioners offer unique, serene, Zen based Mountaintop Retreats that inspire Personal Growth, Transformation, and Spiritual Awakening.

Call us today at 570-947-7766 for a consultation and embark on a path toward freedom from chronic illness, negative thinking, and addictive behaviors.

Wellness Retreat Pennsylvania
All Retreats Include:
  • Mind-body wellness assessment by Dr. Peter Amato: Zen Master, Buddhist Lay Monk and Dr. of Natural Medicine
  • Zen based educational seminars
  • Mindfulness, Yoga, and Meditation
  • Luxurious Self-Care Therapies and Massages
  • Non-invasive Detoxification, Immune Boosting, and Advanced Nutrition
  • Energy based modalities and Light Therapy for Holistic Healing

All-Inclusive Health And Wellness Retreat New Jersey
We Offer A Variety Of Retreats Such As:
  • Individual and Group Retreats with Special Pricing Discounts
  • Corporate Transformation Retreats to promote your corporate culture, enhance teamwork, boost productivity, and improve employee and client satisfaction levels
  • Couples and Family Retreats built around the concept of lasting health and wellness

Our clients include successful entrepreneurs, business people, celebrities, pro athletes, yogis, families, friends, and/or individuals who want to promote wellness, meaning, and substance in their lives. Our clients know there is more to life, and they come to us to find a clear path to success.

Discover the path to true well-being and embark on a transformative journey at Harmony Mountain Institute.

Book your retreat today and experience the perfect blend of ancient wisdom, modern practices, and serene surroundings.

Attendee Review
  • “I enjoy the meditation classes led by Dr. Amato and the peaceful serenity that comes over you the minute you enter the gate to the holy land. You know you were called to this place for a reason.”

    - Valerie V.
  • “This is the most amazing experience! It’s more than a retreat; you will discover more about your health & wellness than you thought you would. This place is absolutely magical. I’m coming back soon!”

    - Sandra C.
  • “A more natural approach to health care. I have recently started red light therapy. I was unsure about all the hype, but I am convinced it is giving me more energy and calming my nervous system. The sessions are very private and relaxing!”

    - Vicki Z.
  • “This was a wonderful experience that I have missed having in my life. It was very interesting. They listened to you. It helped me get back on track. I'm looking forward to going back .”

    - Jennifer L.
Amenities & Activities

Who Is Dr. Amato?
Doctor of Natural Medicine
Thought Leader
Zen Master
Yoga Master
Reiki Master
Chopra Center Certified Instructor
LA Times Best Selling Author

Dr. Peter P. Amato, holding a doctorate in Mind-Body Medicine and Board Certification in Natural Medicine, pioneered Integrative Medicine in 1997. He's a Certified meditation instructor, Yoga Alliance 500-hour certified instructor, and a best-selling author. Dr. Amato's career transitioned from successful business ventures to spiritual exploration. He's conducted research, co-founded wellness centers, and served as a consultant in education, healthcare, and recovery.

His focus is on integrating spirituality into daily life, emphasizing mind-body connection, and offering transformative care. He continues to practice at Harmony Mountain Center for Well-Being and Inner Harmony Wellness Center, and his Harmony Mountain Institute provides a serene space for transformative care through meditation, yoga, and discussions.

About Dr. Amato
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Common Retreat FAQs
Common Retreat FAQs